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Wear solutions

Revamo has mastered the knowledge and techniques required to prevent wear and to recover components.

Revamo specialises in developing wear solutions for all components. To get the best possible solution, we work closely with customers. With all our knowledge and experience, we provide wear solutions to many different industries.

Every problem is different and therefore, Revamo has different processes to offer solutions to each kind of wear problem. This means we have the ability to carry out all the usual flame spray processes, laser cladding and machining operations.

Each of these processes has its own specific properties. By choosing the correct process we can control the wear. Subsequently, we can delay or prevent wear from occurring. It is also possible to produce a component that is more susceptible to wear, so that it is known beforehand which components are most likely to require replacement/recovery. Revamo can therefore help you to reduce your maintenance costs.

There will be no, or hardly any, structural changes and/or deformation of the components subjected to these processes. As a result, the processes can be carried out local and with precision.


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