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About Revamo

Revamo has mastered the knowledge and techniques required to prevent wear and to recover components.

Revamo, established in 1942

Meppel, 1942 – After several years successfully working as part of a garage it was decided to continue independently under the name, Revamo . Even then, Revamo used flame spraying to repair various car engine components.


It was decided to specialize completely in flame-spraying and corresponding processes. Where the technology evolved, so did Revamo. In addition to motors, Revamo also has many years of experience in machine construction, provisions and the shipping industry. In this way Revamo has grown into a reliable partner with the knowledge and technology to prevent and repair wear and tear to parts.

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What we do

Wear solutions

Revamo specialises in developing wear solutions for all components. To get the best possible solution, we work closely with customers. With all our knowledge and experience, we provide wear solutions to many different industries.
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Our techniques


Working methods

Our approach is characterised by clear communication, thinking with our customer, providing feedback and proper aftercare.


Quality management


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